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What if I Wear a Denture?

If you wear a denture, then Dental Implants are a great option for you.  Wearing dentures can impact your lifestyle.  They may slip, or click when you eat, and in order to feel less self-conscious and avoid embarrassing moments, you may decide to eat only soft foods, or stop eating meals with friends and family. 

With the many advances in Implant technology, a denture wearer has many options.  First, you can opt for a Dental Implant to replace the missing teeth.  For this option a post is inserted into the jaw bone of the missing tooth or teeth, and new permanent crowns are affixed to the posts.  You will leave that day with natural looking and feeling teeth. 

The second, and very similar option, is to ask for the Micro Mini implant system in which a series of small posts are implanted, and instead of needing a new prosthesis, your current dentures affix to the small posts and you can begin wearing them immediately after the procedure.