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Replacing a Single Tooth

If you have lost a single tooth, whether from periodontal disease or by accident, it can be easily replaced with a Dental Implant. Dental Implants provide a long-term durable solution for patients, and provide you with the support you need to live a healthy, active lifestyle.

Replacing a single tooth is a simple, often same-day, procedure performed by our Oral Surgeon where a dental implant is inserted into the area where the tooth is missing. The procedure is an outpatient one, and IV sedation is used to make sure you are comfortable. Dr. –Name–, an oral & maxillofacial surgeon and the head of The Center for Dental Wellness, is an internationally recognized expert of implant dentistry. He works with our patients to ensure that they are receiving the treatment and care necessary to lead happy, healthy lives.

Replacing a Single ToothSingle Tooth Implant