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How Do I Choose an Implant Doctor?

There are many items to keep in mind when you are choosing an implant doctor, and even more questions to ask once you have found one.  However, in order to be sure you are putting your dental health in the hands of an expert, here are our recommendations:

  • When researching dentists and oral surgeons, be sure to ask about their experience with Dental Implant Procedures, how often they attend seminars and classes on new advances, materials, and techniques, and the number of procedures they have performed. 

At The Center for Dental Excellence, our oral surgeon is an internationally recognized expert in Implant Dentistry, and has been instrumental in the development of new techniques that allow for quicker recovery times and safer procedures.  He also works extensively with other dentists and oral surgeons to provide training, seminars and continuing education classes. 

  • Make sure to inquire whether or not the Surgeon will be using IV, or another kind of sedation. 

At The Center for Dental Excellence, we work with an anesthesiologist who will ask for an extensive medical history to ensure that the proper medication and sedation is used for you in order prevent any side effects during the procedure or recovery.  You will be monitored by our surgeon and anesthesiologist throughout the entire procedure and during your recovery to make sure you are comfortable. 

  • Ask about locations and treatment centers so you can have your pre-op exam, lab work, and implant procedure all done in the same place.

At The Center for Dental Excellence, we provide on-site care and treatment for our Implant patients.  Whether the procedure is completed at our Encino, CA offices, or a chosen hospital, we make sure that you only need show up in one place to have all your implant needs filled.   

  • Ask about follow-up care and treatment. 

Our Dentists, Surgeons, and Doctors make sure that all our patients are comfortable, know how to maintain their implants, and continue to remain in good health.  Post surgery, there are follow-up visits to ensure that the patient does not feel discomfort and that the procedure was successful.  Routine visits to the dentist, three to four a year, are recommended for implant patients in order to help keep their implant and surrounding tissues clean and free of infection.