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Dental Implant Advances in Technology

Dental Implants are the most stable and effective way to replace teeth that have been removed or lost due to an accident.  Since their invention thirty years ago, remarkable advancement has been made in the surgical implant technique, tools, and materials.

When implants were first coming in to common practice, many patients had to receive several treatments before the Implant procedure was completed.  Today, for many patients, the implant and crown can both be fixed in the same visit.  And there is no need to wait until you can have the procedure if a tooth has been lost.  You can immediately visit your Implant Dental specialist and begin the process. 
Today, with advanced X-Ray and scanning technology, your Oral Surgeon can have a 3-D image of your teeth and mouth which allows them to see a virtual copy of your jaw, and can then see exactly where to insert the implant eliminating the need to cut through gum tissue in order to find the bone.  This means you will have only minimal pain, and be able to, in some cases, return to work and your daily life that day.

During the pre-op stages of your Dental Implant, your dentist will have your new tooth made in a lab, so it is ready by the day of your surgery.  This new method allows the patient to skip the osseointegration period, where the implant fuses to the bone, and allows the patient to leave surgery with their new crown in place.

Another great advancement is the Micro Mini.  Used primarily for implanted dentures, a series of “mini” implants are placed through the gums with anchors the original denture prosthesis in place.  Mini implants, because they are smaller than their current counterparts, allow for a faster healing process and less pain after the procedure.  They are also less expensive than traditional implants.  Another great attribute of the Mini Implant, is that a new Denture is not needed.  Patients can fix their current denture to the new implant, without replacing it.